Net Revenue will work with your company every step of the way, from creating a position search, establishing a recruitment strategy and negotiating terms of a client/candidate engagement.  To offer you the best services, Net Revenue can provide:
  • A dedicated senior recruiter to work with your firm to identify your firm's staffing needs and develop the required profile and variables in the ideal candidate.
  • A proprietary database  that contains thousands of candidates from a variety of industries and application focuses.  We identify and source all our candidates through traditional methods of direct recruiting, trade shows, seminars and referrals.  Since many Human Resource departments utilize the Internet as a source of recruitment, Net Revenue can provide the right candidate that is not posted on the Internet job boards.
  • A thorough screening of all candidates to guarantee the best match for a client's needs.
Employer Services
Net Revenue provides a full-service staffing option to a broad range of companies throughout the United States and Canada.  We are prepared to meet your company's specific staffing requirements in two main areas:

Contingency Placement
Net Revenue maintains an extensive and current database of talented professional within the software industry.  Our candidates possess experiences across multiple industry verticals, applications and  diverse positions such as Field Sales, Sales Management , Sales Support, Marketing and Engineering.

Contract Placement
Our innovative contract placement provides a client the opportunity to outsource staffing requirements and even the Human Resource department.  We will develop and implement executive management and staff recruitment, incentive compensation packages, training workshops, outplacement options and provide information on current Human Resource topics such as new legislation and market trends in the workplace.

Net Revenue is committed to provide our clients with unparalleled level of quality and commitment.

Search and Selection Process
When selection a recruitment firm, it is essential the client be comfortable with the search and selection process.  Net Revenue employees the following steps to provide a comprehensive strategy and successful placement:
  • Requirement Assessment
  • Developing the Position Search
  • Competitive Research and Candidate Selection
  • Presentation of Candidates
  • Candidate Preparation
  • Client Preparation
  • Candidate and Client Debrief
  • Reference Check
  • Offer and Closure
  • Candidate and Client Follow-up