Candidate Services:

Changing your career is a major decision which is more than just a financial decision.  It will affect every dimension of your life.  That's why Net Revenue devotes time to learn about you, your career needs and goals.  To gain your confidence, it is our mission to understand your experience and objectives so we can represent you to the best potential employers.

Career Planning
In planning your next career step, you should have confidence knowing where you're headed.  Write out personal and professional goals to ensure both are in alignment.  Several critical  questions you should answer:
  • Why are you in the field which you are currently working?
  • Are your talents and personality traits being fully utilized?
  • Are continued professional education and training high priorities?


Resume Suggestions
The resume is your introduction.  Since the average time a manager spends reviewing a resume is three seconds, it has to contain content that will draw a manager's attention.  There are many areas of the resume that should contain Important and basic information.  These areas include:

Contact Information
Career Objective
Profesisonal Summary
Application/Technical Proficiencies
Awards/Over-Performance Achievements

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There are many public career boards you can post your resume.  The obvious risk is you never know who will see your resume and who's desk it could land.  Net Revenue is not a public posting board.  We use a secure database utilized and accessed exclusively by our personnel.  Your personal and career information is kept in extreme confidence and only shared with employers of agreed interest.

It is our goal to gain your confidence that your credentials and career search is kept in confidence.  This is the only way to attract the best talent possible


Counter Offers
While receiving a counter offer is flattering and seductive, it usually is a terrible mistake to accept.  There are the exceptions of those that have accepted a counter offer and have a successful career with the same employer.  For most, acceptance does not change the underlying issues behind the decision to search for a new career.

Be aware of these points with a counter offer:
  • Question of loyalty: will your employer have the same confidence in you?
  • Long term: what is the motivation behind the offer and will you be expendable in the future?
  • Has my situation improved?
  • Did I receive the raise/promotion because I threatened to leave and will i have to go through this again to advance in the future?